Kaegi Pharmacy



kaegi virtual pharmacy

Kaegi VR is an exhibit that brings alive the experience of the Kaegi Pharmacy circa 1910 using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. By interacting with Kaegi VR we hope to encourage more engagement in Kaegi Pharmacy and to foster knowledge exchange.

What is AR?

The Kaegi Pharmacy features an Augmented Reality (AR) exhibit showcasing various items from the original Kaegi Pharmacy. On display are surrogate boxes and bottles as well as a banner featuring different items. By using the tablets provided on site, visitors are able to scan the items and banner in order to see a 3 dimensional replica of the item and information about the item.

What is VR?

Alongside the AR, visitors will be able to experience the original Kaegi Pharmacy in the virtual world! Sit or stand in front of an era-authentic workstation while using virtual reality (VR) technology and take on the persona of a pharmacist. As the pharmacist you will be able to complete orders and create different medications for patients by interacting with the different items and tools in your virtual workplace.

These interactive pieces were created for the Museum of the Oregon Territory (MOOT) by students of the Creative Media & Digital Culture (CMDC) program at Washington State University Vancouver (WSUV).